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After 11 years as a local coordinator for another au pair agency, it is my pleasure to join Cultural Care. 

I bring both experience as a coordinator along with 14 years experience as a host mom.  The Au Pair program with it’s cultural exchange can offer children of all ages a wide exposure to the world, the many different types of cultures, and people and the interesting similarities that everyone has.  Having been a host mom, for so many years, I can empathize with host families, and the challenges that they may encounter at different stages in the au pair relationship.  I was and continue to be a full time working mom, so I also totally understand the importance of support and time. 

For au pairs, having a daughter in that age group, who continues to travel and grow through her experiences through out the world, I have a special insight into their way of thinking, some of their special needs and how to insure that their year is one of growth, and development.

I still maintain many relationships across the globe with au pairs that have either been a part of my family or a part of my cluster group over the years.  In fact, I have travelled to many places just to visit au pairs that have been a part of my family.  It has been an extraordinary experience for both my daughter (who is now 23) and myself.  In fact, I believe that the path of life’s work my daughter has chosen directly correlates to her experiences having au pairs from the time she was 1 month old.

With a degree in child psychology, and 30+ years as a marketing/account person I’ve integrated my skills to bring both families and au pairs a support strength, and relationship to help and grow with.

Wednesday, 2 May 2012 9:35 PM


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